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What Schneider Electric Drive has replaced the Telemecanique Altivar ATV28

The drive that replaced the ATV28 range was the ATV31 range which has its self been replaced in most cases by the ATV312 range. Below is a list of the part numbers and their nearest equivalents.

Single Phase Supply 200...240V 50/60Hz

ATV28HU09M2 ATV31H037M2 ATV312H037M2
ATV28HU18M2 ATV31H075M2 ATV312H075M2
ATV28HU29M2 ATV31HU15M2 ATV312HU15M2
ATV28HU41M2 ATV31HU22M2 ATV312HU22M2
ATV28EU09M2 ATV31C037M2ZH28  
ATV28EU18M2 ATV31C075M2ZH28  
ATV28EU29M2 ATV31CU15M2ZH28  
ATV28EU41M2 ATV31CU22M2ZH28  

Three Phase Supply 200...240V 50/60Hz

ATV28HU54M2 ATV31HU30M3 ATV312HU30M3 
ATV28HU72M2 ATV31HU40M3 ATV312HU40M3
ATV28HU90M2 ATV31HU55M3 ATV312HU55M3
ATV28HD12M2 ATV31HU75M3 ATV312HU75M3

Three Phase Supply 380.....500V 50/60H

ATV28HU18N4 ATV31H075N4 ATV312H075N4
ATV28HU29N4 ATV31HU15N4 ATV312HU15N4
ATV28HU41N4 ATV31HU22N4 ATV321HU22N4
ATV28HU54N4 ATV31HU30N4 ATV312HU30N4
ATV28HU72N4 ATV31HU40N4 ATV312HU40N4
ATV28HU90N4 ATV31HU55N4 ATV312HU55N4
ATV28HD12N4 ATV31HU75N4 ATV312HU75N4
ATV28HD16N4 ATV31HD11N4 ATV312HD11N4 
ATV28HD23N4 ATV31HD15N4 ATV312HD15N4 
ATV28EU18N4 ATV31C075N4ZH28  
ATV28EU29N4 ATV31CU15N4ZH28  
ATV28EU41N4 ATV31CU22N4ZH28  
ATV28EU54N4 ATV31CU30N4ZH28  
ATV28EU72N4 ATV31CU40N4ZH28  



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