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What Schneider Electric Drive has replaced the Telemecanique Altivar 11 (ATV11)?

The replacement Drives for the ATV11's are the ATV12's

The chart below shows the nearest equivalents:
            ATV11    Equivalent ATV12
ATV11HU05F1 ATV12H018F1
ATV11HU09F1 ATV12H037F1
ATV11HU18F1 ATV12H075F1
ATV11HU05M2 ATV12H018M2
ATV11HU09M2  ATV12H018M2
ATV11HU18M2  ATV12H018M2
ATV11HU29M2 ATV12H018M2
ATV11HU41M2 ATV12H018M2
ATV11HU05M3  ATV12H018M3 ATV12H018M3
ATV11HU09M3 ATV12H018M3
ATV11HU18M3 ATV12H018M3
ATV11HU29M3  ATV12H018M3
ATV11HU41M3  ATV12H018M3
ATV11PU09M2 ATV12P037M2
ATV11PU12M2 ATV12P055M2
ATV11PU18M2 ATV12P075M2

Note: Please be aware that there are differences between the ATV11 and ATV12, please refer to documentation to establish that the new product meets your technical requirements
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