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ATV21 /212 how to set a free wheel ( coast ) to stop.

To set a free wheel stop on the ATV21 / 212 drives you need to change the allocation of the logic input that you are using to start and stop the drive.

The three logic inputs are assigned in the F coded parameters:

F110 = ( 1  enable active )
F111 = F terminal  = ( 2 factory default run forward)
F112 = R terminal = ( 6 factory default preset speed 1)
F113 = RES terminal = ( 10 reset input )

To set he unit for a free wheel stop you change the settings to

F110 = ( 0 )
F111 = (56  combination of run forward and enable signal )
F112 = (6)
F113 = (10)

This will start the drive when the F input is made (in 2 wire control only) which will then ramp up to the speed set, and when the F input is removed the drive will coast to a stop.
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