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Changing a ATS01 N (244, 272, 285 ) Q version soft starts for the ATS22 replacements.

If replacing an existing ATS01N244, 272, or 285 Q version soft start with a new ATS22 replacement you need to check the following requirements:

You need a separate 220 volt supply to power the control cards, connection CL1 and CL2 , which did not exist on the ATS01 units. This is a supply for powering the control card without having the main bridge supply on the L1,L2,L3. connections.

If you do not have a 220 volt supply for the control card, but you may have 110 volts inside the panel then the ATS22**  S6U versions may be an option as these use 110 volts to supply the control card inputs on CL1 and CL2.

Make sure that there is space around the old unit as the foot print is different on the ATS22 compared to the ATS01.


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