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Are the Integral 18 & 32 motor starter circuit breakers still available?

No, the integral 18 & 32 motor control circuit breakers are no longer available

The TeSys U range will give a similar, but, not exact like for like configuration.
The main differences being the amount of auxiliary contacts the Integral range offered is limited in the TeSys U range.
Also, the model Tesys U power base will give Total coordination.
Model TeSys U
The complete unit is compact & has plug in units for quick change\release.
It can operate on ac or dc supplies:
It can control 1ph & 3ph motors up to 15kW depending on model
DOL non reversing
DOL reversing
Star \ Delta configuration
The plug in overload units can give basic up to advanced protection, (Model dependant)
Auxiliary contact slots can be used for control\indication\communication
This basically consists of:
LUB**   An independent power base unit
LUC**   A plug in overload (control Voltage must be stated)
LU**     A plug in auxiliary contact block(s)\communication module
The above conformation is only a basic explanation of the range & is intended to give a brief insight into the range
Please call the helpdesk on 0780 608 8 608 for more details or clarification

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