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What is the difference between an LUB12 32 & LUB120 320 Tesys U starter?

The Tesys U non reversing starter controller offers two types of power base units in its range
LUB12 & LUB120 (0 – 12A, 5.5kw at 400V)
LUB32 & LUB320 (0 – 32A, 15kW at 400V)
LUB12 & LUB32 power bases have gone through an evolutionary change.
Pre 2010 wk36, the base unit was coloured black\white & the contact block LU9BN11 was removable.
Post 2010 wk 36, the base unit is black, to denote power & the contact block LU9BN11 is now fixed.
LUB210 & LUB320 will always be delivered with all slots empty (removable plastic covers) which will enable the customer to select their own contact \communication arrangements. Therefore, part No.: LU9BN11 is compatible
The LUB120 & 320 have also gone through the same colour change as previously mentioned
Part No.: LU9BN11:
Is a contact block comprising of, 1NO (13-14) & 1NC (21-22), which indicate the state of the main poles
Although, some customers are familiar with the model U bases with plug in units. It is worth a reminder that, the new pre wired contacts in the LUB12 & 32 are fixed & are not meant for removal.
If they are removed (with some effort) it will render the base unit inoperable & a new one will have to be purchased.
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