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Is there an enclosure for GV3, to make an enclosed starter? Can we fit GV3P, GV3L and GV3ME? Can we mount LC1 contactor?

Yes, there is an enclosure that can take the new GV3P and GV3L, plus there’s space to mount a contactor inside.
The new enclosures GV3PC aren’t suitable for GV3ME because of the handle.
This enclosure is available with 2 different handles, see below details
Enclosed thermal-magnetic MCB GV3 (Tesys enclosed starters – for customer assembly)


Note: GV3PC01 and GV3PC02 existed previously but with different characteristics, these new enclosures replaced the old with same part
          The older enclosures only had room for the GV3, had lower IP rating, IP55, different dimensions and the handle was different.
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