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How do I program a Zelio logic relay and an HMI which is directly connected to the programming port?

The following application note describes how to connect an HMI (XBTN401) directly to a Zelio logic relay using cable ref SR2CBL08.
The file contains a pdf  describing how to configure both the Zelio relay and the HMI. It also contains the example ZelioSoft and Vijeo Designer lite (V1.3 minimum) applications. The ZelioSoft program makes use of the SLIN and SLOUT functions to communicate with the HMI.
The SR2CBL08 cable can be used to connect HMI terminals XBTN401, XBTN411, and XBRT511 directly to a Zelio relay via the programming port.  If an HMISTO501 HMI is used then cable ref SR2CBL09 will need to be used.
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