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What are the differences between GV3ME and GV3P Motor Protection Breakers?

With the exception of GV3ME80, all other GV3ME's have been replaced by GV3P variants.

GV3ME was a pushbutton operated device whilst GV3P is rotary knob operated. The rotary knob has a number of advantages:
Switch position/state is more easily visible.
The rotary knob has a trip position as well as an "Off" position making it easy to detect if the device has tripped or been switched off.
The rotary knob can be fitted with an external handle and shaft with door interlock.

GV3P uses the Everlink cable clamp system which means:
When correctly tightened in the first instance, the cable clamps will not need re-tightening.
The design of these removable clamp systems means that EverlinK devices can be coupled together without connecting adaptors

GV3ME current ranges began at 1 to 1.6A in the GV3ME06
GV3P current ranges do not start until 9-13A in the GV3P13
The difference between the two is covered by the GV2ME and GV2P ranges, each ranging from 0.1 to 0.16A to 24 to 32A

In some values the GV3P has greater breaking capacity, see comparative documents below.

The GV3P is narrower on the DIN rail, the GV3ME being 61.2 w x 120 h footprint and 113mm deep.
The GV3P is  55 w x 132 h footprint and 136mm deep (all dims in mm)

GV3P use the same auxiliary contacts and accessories as the GV2 range whereas the GV3ME had their own range of devices.
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