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What replaced Integral 18 and 32 DOL starters - LD1, LD3, LD4, LB1 and LB6?

You replace Integral by Tesys U, although it isn’t a direct replacement and in some applications all the functionalities might not be available. This relates with the vast range of purposed made accessories that the Integral did offer and will not be available in Tesys U, you can still achieve the functionalities but that needs to be checked case by case and using other ranges of products.
This FAQ only focus on the base units and the control units, for more complex arrangement you can call us on 0870 608 8 608 and discuss alternatives.

Integral Replaced by Tesys U
Integral 18 and Integral 32 DOL (old model)                                          Tesys U - LUB (new model)


The Integral 18 and 32 series starters have been discontinued. They have been replaced by the Tesys U series.
The old Integral and the current range Tesys U serve similar purposes but they are very different devices.
  • Integral - was very much "traditional" and conventional technology.
  • Tesys U - employs different, more modern and efficient structures and technology, therefore there is no compatibility or interchangeability between any of the parts. This means that to replace any part of the Integral starter will require changing the complete unit for a Tesys U. As there are no directly equivalent
To replace the simple motor starter aspect is easy. A basic Tesys U Motor Starter comprises only 2 parts, the base unit (1) which contains the contactor (non-reversing) , rated at up to 12A or 32A (LUB12 or LUB32 respectively) and a Control unit (2), which determines both the control voltage and the overload current range.

There are 4 levels of control unit (2) with varying levels of functionality, Standard (LUCA) Advanced (LUCB, LUCC and LUCD) and Multifunction (LUCM) and also a Magnetic only version (LUCL).
When replacing Integral it is probably best to go with the Advanced unit (LUCB****) as this gives the optimum level of simplicity and cost combined with flexibility to add additional modules to replicate some of the more complex functions possible with Integral.
Check information, download datasheets and catalogues about the Tesys U and use the Tesys U configurator tool.

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NOTE: Data sheets about new Tesys U are available on the website to download, use the search engine (top right corner)
See also FAQ number FA141914 and FA141913 (the DOL reversing and non-reversing using Tesys D) and FAQ number FA141941 (using Tesys U to replace reversing Integral 18 and 32)
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