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What can I use to replace DOL Integral 18 and 32, LD1, LD3 and LD4? Can I replace Integral 18 and 32 using contactors and MCB’s?

Yes you can, using the kit we have prepared, although it isn’t a direct replacement and in some applications all the functionalities might not be available. This relates with the vast range of purposed made accessories that the Integral did offer and will not be available in Tesys D and GV2, you can still achieve the functionalities but that needs to be checked case by case and using other ranges of products.
This FAQ only focus on the base units and the control units, for more complex arrangement you can call us on 0870 608 8 608 and discuss alternatives.
Integral 18 and Integral 32 replaced by LC1D+GV2


New kit, using contactors Tesys D LC1D + MCB’s GV2


Composition of kit

NOTE: There are data sheets about each of the components of this kit
See also FAQ number FA141914 (the DOL reversing version) and FAQ number FA141939 and FA141941( using Tesys U to replace Integral 18 and 32)
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