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How to overcome compatibility issues with EEPROM memory cartridges SR2MEM02 and SR2MEM01?

For firmware (software embedded in the Smart Relay) versions ≤ 2.4
It will not work with software versions higher than 2.4
For firmware (software embedded in the Smart Relay) versions 3.0
The transfer of an application made with Zelio Soft 2 V4.3 or lower and stored in a SR2MEM02 to a module using the new firmware will not be possible. SR2MEM02 must be updated.
How to update your SR2MEM02 memories?
●Install the latest version of Zelio Soft 2 (V4.4 or higher) on the computer.
●Open the application file (.zm2 ).
●Transfer the application from the computer to a module.
●Install the SR2MEM02 on the module.
●Transfer the application from the module to the SR2MEM02.
This update is not required for uses with modules without display (SR2D and SR3D).
Compatibility table

(*) How to know the firmware version : see appendix FAQ FA141555.

  • If the firmware is 4.04 or higher, you MUST use Zelio Soft 2 V4.4 or higher
  • If the firmware is 4.03 or lower, you can use any version of Zelio Soft 2 but we strongly recommend you to update your Zelio Soft 2 as soon as possible to the last version in order to avoid any future compatibility issue.
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