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How do I wire up an LE2GBK starter?

The first stage of the operation is to fit an overload of the appropriate size for the motor. The overload will be from the K series range, LR2K03**
The K series overload is unusual in that it has 5 pins rather than 3 as most overload relays. These additional pins make the connections to the NO auxiliary contact and the A2 coil connection internally in the most common configuration, uni-directional DOL start. This saves considerable time when wiring large numbers of motor starters as it avoids having to prepare and connect external cables for this purpose.
However, in the LE2GBK series starter there is no Normally Open (NO) aux contact in the contactors. As it is a reversing starter the contactors have Normally Closed (NC) contacts for electrical interlocking. If the overload is fitted as supplied with 5 pins a short circuit will be created between the incoming control voltage on terminal 96 and the coil common on A2. This makes it necessary to remove the 2 right hand pins and to facilitate this they are specially weakened in the appropriate place so that when bent backwards with a pair of pliers they will snap off in the right place.
The overload can then be fitted to the bottom of the left hand contactor.
The incoming 3 phases will be connected to terminals L1, L2 and L3 of the left hand contactor unless there is a built in isolator, in which case the phases will be connected to the incoming, top terminals of the isolator.
If 240VAC control has been chosen then an incoming neutral is also required, in which case connect this to the neutral block which is provided in the 240VAC versions.
The motor cabling is connected to terminals T1, T2 and T3 of the overload.
The two loose red wires will be connected to terminals 95 and 96 of the overload.
All other wiring is factory fitted and should not be altered.

Please see attached file for diagram.
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