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Where can I find product substitution (cross reference) information to help with converting old part numbers to new equivalents?

On the Schneider-Electric uk web site there is a product substitution tool to help with converting old part numbers to new equivalents.
It is well worth having a look to check if the old part is listed as a high percentage of the old parts have been included. 

Important notes concerning product substitutions;
  • The tool will suggest the nearest equivalent from the current range of products.
  • The substitution product may not have all the functionality of the original so do check the suggested replacement meets the requirements of the application.
  • When using equivalents it is often necessary to substitute more than one part, e.g. replacement of both bodies and heads in the case of manual control devices and in the case of contactors with overloads.
  • Equivalent products will often be of different dimensions with connection terminals in different locations, as a result modifications to the installation may be required to accomodate the replacement product.
To locate the tool use the following link;
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