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What are the DOs and DONTs when installing the Sphere Wireless Lighting System?

•           Strip the input and output cable insulation to stated lengths.
•           Ensure input and output connections are tight.
•           Use the cable clamp provided.
•           Re-fit the Receiver end caps after wiring.
•           Ensure the antenna is kept straight when placing the Receivers in their final position.
•           Try to keep at least 10cm between Receivers if installing more than one in an enclosure or distribution board.
•           Ensure closures for Receivers have adequate ventilation.
•           Try to ensure that the Receivers are not subjected to strong local radio frequency fields from equipment such as CB sets, HAM radio, walkie-talkies, emergency services radio networks etc.
•           In ceilings, position the Receiver at least 20cm from recessed luminaires and lighting transformers.
•           Replace the batteries in Controllers if, in normal use, either or both Controller LED’s flash when any button is pushed.
Do Not: 
•           Shorten the Receiver or Controller antennas or remove the antenna insulation or make any connection to the antennas.
•           Attempt to operate Receivers from the output of a preceding Receiver.
•           Connect a load type other than that specified for the particular Receiver.
•           Exceed the maximum rated connected load of Receivers.
•           Loop in/out on Receiver terminals – always use a separate junction box.
•           Use cable exceeding 1.5mm².
•           Place receivers inside metal enclosures.
•           Place Floor Receivers under soft furnishings, adjacent to sources of heat or where a trip hazard could result.
•           Locate Receivers adjacent to other electronic equipment such as Wireless routers, Modems, Wireless alarm systems, cordless phones etc.
•           Position Receivers where they may come into contact with water, dust build up, building debris, paint etc.
•           Locate Receivers in conditions where they could be affected by condensation or frost.
•           Inferior economy or unbranded mains voltage incandescent or halogen lamps.
•           Low cost dimming electronic transformers.
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