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What are the coil voltage codes used for contactors and relays?

Schneider/Telemecanique voltage codes are a 2 character code added to the end of a part number. The first digit indcates the voltage, the second indicates the frequency.

Here are the common coil voltage codes:

1st Digit:

2nd Digit

B = 24
E = 48
F = 110
M = 220
P = 230
U = 240
Q = 380
V = 400
N = 415
R = 440

5 = 50Hz
6 = 60Hz
7 = 50/60Hz
D = DC


BD = 24VDC
F7 = 110VAC 50/60Hz etc

Most AC coils currently offered are "7", 50/60Hz

P7 and V7 refers to 230VAC and 400VAC. These voltages are the European Standard voltages for single and three phase supplies across the ETA. In reality actual generated voltages have remained the same, mainland Europe and the Irish Republic standard supply is still 220VAC/380VAC 50 Hz. UK is still 240VAC/415VAC 50Hz. It is the standard which has been modified to suit both sets of voltages. Consequently, any piece of equipment which is rated at 230VAC must be suitable for use at both 220VAC  at the the lower end and 240VAC  at the upper end. Equipment rated 400V must be  suitable  for use at 380 to 415V.

220 and 380VAC coils (M and Q) are optimised for use at actual mainland European voltages, as are 240 and 415VAC coils (U and N) optimised for use with UK voltages of 240/415VAC


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