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In’s Bill of Material, why is it impossible to change the quantity of some components?

The Bill of Material contains graphical and non-graphical components. If some components have been added in “Graphical Design” tab, they must be removed in “Graphical Design” tab.
The reason: if there are many components of the same type, cannot decide by itself which one has to be removed. It is up to the user to decide which component has to be deleted. 

Editing the Quantity in the LOP in Spacial Pro
In the example above the Quantity of CANopen modules can be altered because it is added in the "Other Accessories" tab and has no presence in the Graphical Design.
The item below "variable speed drive ATV31.." was added in the "Graphical Design" there are two of them in the design and therefore two in the Quantity field in the LOP.
To alter the quantity of a product added in the Graphical Design it must be altered, either added to or deleted, in the Graphical Design view.
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