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What is the main difference between the Schneider Electric XVD and the XVB stacking beacon ranges?

The key difference between the XVD and the XVB stacking beacon ranges is the maximum IP rating achievable;  

Degree of protection IP rating conforming to IEC 60529;
  • XVD;   IP40
  • XVB;   IP 65 (mounted on fixing base XVBZ0*). IP 66 (mounted directly on base unit)

Other differences (for full information refer to product information on the web or the product literature)

  • XVD;   A single screw holds the whole product together. The XVD can be ordered as a complete assembly or by selecting individual parts.
  • XVB;   Each section can be quickly removed using a turn to release lock ring. Available as component parts only

Light level;
  • XVD;   5 Joule 'flash' discharge tube.
  • XVB;   Choice of 5 or 10 Joule 'flash' discharge tube.
  • XVD;   Max 10W filament lamp
  • XVB;   Max 7W filament lamp
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