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What is the switching capacity of the XB6 series switches?

The standard contact is made of silver alloy and rated at 1.5A AC15 at 240VAC. Up to 120VAC it is rated at 3A AC15.
DC rating = 0.1A DC13 at 250VDC, 0.22A DC13 at 125VDC or below

There is a gold flashed version of the contact, which incorporates the same silver alloy contact under the gold flashing. The primary purpose of the gold flashing is to make the contact corrosion resistant whilst in storage in potentially corrosive atmospheres, to ensure reliable switching once put into service.

A possible additional benefit of the gold flashing is increased reliability of very low current/voltage signals of only a few milliamps, but it should be remembered that only one higher current operation will blow away the gold flash, after which it will revert to the switching characteristics of a non gold flashed contact. As this type of switching is not an intended design characteristic of the contact, it is not promoted for such and no figures are published of what current the gold flashing will take before damage occurs, but it would be very small, for example: single figure milliamps at low voltage (<24V).
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