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How do you read the kWh value from PM700 range of Power Meters Modbus registers ?

A list of registers for the commincating variants of the PM700 range are contained in appendix C of the Installation manual for the PM700.

An example of how to interpret these readings are as follows
The kWh reading is located in registers 4000 & 4001 with hex format (range is from 0 to FFFFFFFF).
Range of each register is from 0 to FFFF only.
So to read the complete value, you have to read the value from those 2 specific registers as well as the register for energy's scale factor.
An example calculation is as follows::
Energy -
register 4000 = 0012;
register 4001 = ABCD;
Scale factor -
register 4108 (power of 10) = 2
1. Combined values from 2 registers in hex format as 0012ABCD, i.e. 1,223,629 in Dec format.
2. Multiply the combined value with scale factor - i.e. 1,223,629 * 10^2 = 122,362,900, which would then be the actual value.


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