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  • Schneider Electric speeds up panel building with Quick Build Units

10/09/2018 – London, UK – Schneider Electric, the leader in energy management and automation, has announced a comprehensive range of preassembled distribution boards. Premade at Schneider Electric’s low voltage (LV) manufacturing plant in Telford, the Quick Build Units (QBU) will save time and cut the costs of installation for both contractors and end users.
Distribution boards are an essential part of a building’s electrical system, supplying power to its various circuits. However, the installation process can be time-consuming if the contractor chooses to assemble the board onsite, pushing up labour costs and increasing the bill for the customer. Onsite theft can also be an issue, with more time and money lost trying to replace missing components.
Schneider Electric’s QBUs significantly reduce installation time and minimise the chance of theft. Any business or contractor in need of a distribution board can order a QBU directly from Schneider Electric or selected partnered distributors. It will arrive already constructed and ready for installation. The entire process, from ordering the QBU to its delivery, can take as little as two weeks.
The QBU saves contractors and businesses precious time and money. Installation projects will be shorter, more satisfying for customers and more advantageous for contractors. As the board comes preassembled, there are no components that can be taken out or misplaced and also no excess packaging that contractors must pay to recycle.
Schneider Electric’s full range of distribution boards are ready to order as QBUs, including its new Acti9 Isobar P range. The QBU can be tailor-made to suit the needs of the project, from a standard model to a fully-engineered unit with added components specified by the customer.
Seth Townsley, LV marketing manager at Schneider Electric, said ‘Our Quick Build Units give the customer what they want and as smoothly as possible. While we will continue to make the components users need to construct their own boards, our QBUs can radically cut the time, cost and stress of installation. Speed to customer matters a great deal in today’s market, and the QBU delivers it.’

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