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    UK Gender Pay Gap

    Schneider Electric has published its 2017 UK gender pay gap data for Schneider Electric Limited and Eurotherm Limited.

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Gender balance matters to Schneider Electric

Gender pay gap data measures the average difference in earnings between men and women across organisations. It should not be confused with equal pay, which assesses any differences between men and women carrying out the same job, similar jobs or work of equal value. Our results are reflective of the representation of females in our organisation. Like many engineering and technology companies we have fewer women than men working in our organisation. With the reporting of our gender pay gap figures, we reaffirm our commitment to the four areas outlined below. The more we do, the more this should contribute to the gender pay gap being reduced over time.

> Performance is rewarded as part of our high-performance culture
> We support an inclusive culture
> A commitment to recruit a more diverse workforce
> An inclusive approach to family leave and work-life balance should be available to all to help recruit and retain those who may want to work flexibly

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  • Hear from Mike Hughes and Colleen McKnight

    “As a company that puts diversity and inclusion at the centre of everything we do, we are committed to building a workplace that provides equal opportunities to everyone and to ensuring that all employees feel uniquely valued and safe to contribute at their very best.” 

    Mike Hughes, Zone President UK & Ireland

Where are we today?

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    At Schneider Electric Limited...

    We are reporting that the gender pay gap with a mean (average) pay gap of 32.30% and a median (middle) pay gap of 42.04%

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    At Eurotherm Limited...

    We are reporting that the gender pay gap with a mean (average) pay gap of 44.51% and a median (middle) pay gap of 37.53%

UK Gender Pay Gap - Report

In this report we set out our gender pay gap numbers. We want to explain why we believe there’s a gender pay gap, how we can learn from these results and what we can do about them – and so help ensure all employees have an equal opportunity to thrive at Schneider Electric.
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