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    Environmental Protection Policy

Schneider Electric is committed to promoting a respect for the natural environment. One of our main objectives as a company is to provide systems and products to help people use electricity safely, efficiently and in ways that conserve energy and other natural resources. Across the Schneider Electric group we are continuously and actively improving conditions to provide a safe, clean and healthy environment for customers and communities in which we operate.

Schneider Electric's sites are independently assessed to meet ISO 14001 standards

To reinforce our commitment to the protection of the environment, Schneider Electric has embarked on a programme to create an environmental management system at all of its industrial sites world-wide. These management systems are designed to meet the requirements of the international standard ISO 14001. To demonstrate the effectiveness of the environmental management system at each of these sites they are independently assessed and certified as conforming to ISO 14001. More than 150 sites have achieved certification (including all of the 10 sites in the U.K.), additional sites are continually being added to the list.

Why the ISO 14001 Standard?

  • Aims to achieve continuous improvement in environmental protection by the setting and achieving of measurable objectives and targets
  • Promotes the reduction in the use of energy, water and raw materials
  • Encourages the reduction or removal of environmental impacts due to our operations and products
  • Requires compliance with regulatory requirements and the total transparency necessary to make any inspection easier
  • Allows for the management system, subsequent assessment and certification to be ‘site specific' allowing for ‘local' conditions to be taken into consideration
  • Has a lasting international value as it is the result of a broad international consensus which was apparent throughout its preparation, this makes it the ideal choice for a company with many world-wide site locations
  • When certified, provides proof to customers, partners, local authorities, employees and members of the public of the constant commitment of the company to environmental protection

To find out more about ISO 14001 visit the British Standards Institute guidelines on environmental management.

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Download the Environmental Policy Statement

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