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What is the difference between the XPSMF4040, XPSMF4042 and the XPSMF4020, XPSMF4022 type Preventa programmable compact safety PLCs?

XPSMF40 types XPSMF4040 and XPSMF4042 safety PLCs have a Profibus DP communication interface for transferring non-safety data. The connection is a 9-way female SUB-D connector on the front of the XPSMF module.
XPSMF40 types XPSMF4020 and XPSMF4022 safety PLCs have a Modbus serial link slave interface for transferring non-safety data. The connector is a shielded RJ45 connector for RS 485 (Modbus serial link slave) on the front of the XPSMF module.

FA24910  |  08-Mar-2014  | Safety
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