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The Ulti Switch / Dimmer is not responding to the Remote Control Unit

Possible causes are as follows

1.   Not previously programmed or improper programming. Repeat the Programming Procedures as explained in the Manual.

2.   Switch/Dimmer is set to Programme mode. The LED indicator is turned on red now, indicating the unit is in Programming mode. If programming is not required, press the Programme button to exit Programming mode.

3.   Voltage is too low. Make sure the operating voltage range is within the requirement.  220 - 240V AC 50 Hz

4.   Power rating is too low. Replace a load that meets the minimum loading requirement.

5.   RF wireless control is disabled. (Programme LED flashes continuously in the pattern of 2). Press the Programme Button of the Switch/Dimmer 6 times within 1 minute. The programme LED should stop flashing.
FA23628  |  31-Jan-2011
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