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Can I install a potentiometer, part number SZ1RV1202, in an XACA enclosure?

No. There are two reasons preventing a potentiometer, part number SZ1RV1202, from being installed in an XACA enclosure:

1. An SZ1RV1202 potentiometer requires a 10.5 mm drill hole for installation, whereas the enclosure has a 22.2 mm drill hole
2. The intermediate metal contact fixing plate does not leave enough space below the front panel for the potentiometer body

Solution: Use the XACB or XACM boxes with ZB5AD912 (6mm potentiometer shaft) or ZB5AD922 (6.35mm, 1/4" shaft). 

It is necessary for the user to supply the potentiometer as it is not supplied with the heads. The potentiometer should be 2.2K Ohm linear, with a shaft length of 45 to 50mm. A rating of 2 Watts is recommended for VSD applications though 1/2 Watt or more should be fine and will be much more compact.

FA23075  |  31-Aug-2015  | Hardware Compatibility
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