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What replaced XPSAPF? What are the differences between XPSAPF and the new XPSAK?

XPS-APF Replaced by XPS-AK
XPSAPF (old model)                                                                 XPSAK (new model)

  • XPS-AK has 2 extra solid state output for PLC signalling
  • XPS-AK has choice between 2 models with or without removable plug terminals (P)
  • XPS-APF had 3 extra N/O safety outputs
  • XPS-APF could be used for Type III A two-hand control monitoring
Schematic Comparisons
Monitoring of E-stop with 2N/C contacts

Monitoring of safety mat with E-stop button

Cross Reference Table

NOTE: Data sheets about new safety relays XPSAK are available on the web site to download, use the search engine (top right corner)
See also FAQ number FA141633
FA141626  |  05-Mar-2014  | Technical Characteristics
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