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What tool is required to remove or refit the MGP circuit breakers used in the Powerpact 4 range of panelboards.

The tool required to undo or retighten the busbar connections on the MGP range of circuit breakers is a 17mm bi-hexagon socket or spanner sometimes referred to as a pipe spanner.
These tools are widely available from tool suppliers, car accessory shops etc.

If a used circuit breaker is refitted, the busbar connections need to tightened with a torque wrench to the following values:
Ratings up to 250A = 20Nm
Ratings 400 - 630A = 28Nm

See illustrations below for examples of the socket and pipe spanner.

Bi-hexagon socket

Spanner or Pipe spanner

FA32002  |  26-Oct-2010  | Technical Characteristics
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