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How can I import an OTB CANopen island communicating with an M340 in the Unity software?

Before importing an OTB CANopen island, the ".DCF" file must first be generated using the Advantys software as follows:

Then in Unity, proceed as follows:

  • In the project browser, double-click on "Configuration", then on "3:CANopen".
  • In the CANopen window, double-click on the Advantys OTB_ISLAND icon


  • When the OTB configuration window opens click on the "PDO" tab to view the PDO configuration
  • Import the ".DCF" file created earlier.


Note: The minimum OTB1C0DM9LP version must be: 2.0, screen shots were taken using Unity v5 and Advantys V4.5.0.2


FA23058  |  05-Mar-2014  | Programming
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