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What replacement enclosures are available for the TeSys LG and LJ enclosed Starters

Empty enclosure for LG1 or LG7 or LG8 or LJ7 or LJ8 are available with the following references references  :
  • DE1KS217A04 : without pushbutton.
  • DE1KS217A06 : with start stop.
  • DE1KS217A29 : with padlocking (without button).
  • DE1KS217A37 : with emergency stop (without button).
  • DE1KS217A06A29 : with start stop and padlocking.
  • DE1KS217A29A39 : with padlocking, emergency stop (without button).
  • DE1KS217A06A37 : with start stop, emergency stop, padlocking.
FA133102  |  08-Mar-2014  | Options and Accessories
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