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What Network options are available with the TeSys Quickfit system

There are two ways to connect the TeSys Quickfit system to a network.

Using the Advantys STB System
The Advantsys STB parallel Interface module STBEPI2145 can interface 4 direct on  line starters or 2 reversing starters
This can then form part of a Distributed I/O system linked by
  • Ethernet
  • CANopen
  • Fipio
  • InterBus
  • Profibus DP
  • Modbus
  • DeviceNet

Alternatively using the LU9G02 Spilitter Box you can wire 8 direct on line starters or 4 reversing starters
This can then be wired using the HE10 connectors to an Advantys Telefast system, it is optimized to use the TSXDMZ28DTK
These can then be linked to several of our PLC systems
FA133097  |  08-Mar-2014  | Options and Accessories
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