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                          Process Automation




                          The challenges faced by today’s process industries have been multiplied by the volatile state of the global economy. In this type of environment, the demands on a process control system are increased, and go beyond simple regulatory functions. Your process becomes a tool to not only manage your plant, but also decrease energy consumption, reduce costs, cut emissions, and obtain quick and precise information from the field to support production and business decisions.


                          At Schneider Electric, a leader in process automation and energy management, we have been delivering solutions for industries for over 40 years. We understand your challenges and we know that your application is unique. That is why we offer a flexible architecture that can be tailored to meet your process requirements. PlantStruxure is our global process automation architecture for discrete to continuous applications. Its scope has expanded to include the former-Invensys portfolio, including DCS for process applications and a complete range of safety solutions, which are now delivered alongside hybrid control system applications, plant and infrastructure for discrete applications and telemetry for remote architectures. PlantStruxure delivers a combination of capabilities, tools and resources for our customers to complete their projects in less time using proven and integrated technologies, and leveraging a powerful industrial software portfolio. It is completed with lifecycle services that deliver optimal knowledge and support throughout the entire lifespan of industrial facilities.



                          PlantStruxure architectures for Remote Monitoring and Control help meet the challenges of efficiently managing your remote operations and assets during their entire lifecycle, ensuring optimum return on your investment.

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                          PlantStruxure architectures for Plant & Infrastructure are based on powerful hardware and software offers. Our Modicon PACs are built to suit the requirements of the process industry, while our SCADA system helps you increase your productivity.

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                          PlantStruxure PES brings together the best of programmable automation controllers and Distributed Control Systems to form an innovative, energy-aware process automation system for hybrid applications.

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                          The Foxboro EvoTM Process Automation System is designed to protect the operational integrity of your plant, enhance the operational insight of your people, and enable you to adapt easily and affordably to change.

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