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Energy Efficiency

                    Variable speed drive up to 630 kW for Pump and Fan applications in Industry and Infrastructures





                    Frequency inverters for 3-phase asynchronous motors up to 630 kW for Pump and Fan applications in Industry and Infrastructures

                    Value proposition



                    • 72 % of consumed electricity is used to turn on┬ámotors. 63 % of this energy is used for fluid applications like pumps and fans. AC drives allow you to reduce energy consumption by 50% on fans compared to conventional solutions (flow variation with mechanical devices) and 20% to 30% on pumps according to their characteristics.
                    • Fan example: at 80% of nominal flow, the energy consumption is 95% of nominal power with conventional installations instead of 50% with AC drives.
                    • Even thought flow variation is not needed, most of the applications are oversized (estimation of hydraulic loses). Optimising the pressure, AC drives save 20% of energy compared to conventional solutions.
                    • Using ECO8 software, you can easily estimate the energy saving according to your pump or fan applications and duty cycle.
                    Value proposition

                    Main Energy Efficiency characteristics



                    • Open to the main networks.
                      • Industry: Ethernet, FIPIO, Modus Plus, DeviceNet, Interbus-S, Unitelway.
                      • Building: LonWorks, BACnet, METASYS N2 and Apogee FLN.
                    • High performance variable torque applications:
                      • Fan: safety with forced start (fault inhibition, selection of the running direction and reference speed).
                      • Multi pump: with the programmable multi pump card, Altivar 61 brings you flexibility, usability and adaptability in management of multiple pumps.
                      • Pumps: essential functions to protect your installation under load, including detection of overload and fluid absence.
                      • IP54 version and "Simply Start" menu
                    Main Energy Efficiency characteristics

                    Solution breakdown

                    Main services:
                    • Engineering services: Services
                    Main products & systems:
                    • Drives for pumps and fans 0,75 > 630 kW: Altivar 61