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Energy Efficiency

                    Small building control solution for Chain Stores and Small Commercial Facilities




                    Value proposition

                    Main drivers
                    • Today's corporate chain stores and small commercial facilities management businesses demand building control with rapid return-on-investment.

                    Solution in brief
                    • The Andover onSiTE system is a network with a controller, thermostats, sensors, and optional modules for lighting control and power meter reading.

                    Value proposition
                    OnSiTE produces a solid return-on-investment for property owners, with paybacks often achieved in 12 to 18 months. Here's how:
                    • Turn reduced energy costs of at least 10% into profitability for your company.
                    • Achieve utility savings with state-of-the art demand-limiting features.
                    • Reduce maintenance costs through simplified store operations via a centralized, web browser-based, enterprise energy management system.
                    • Eliminate field installation issues with a scalable energy management solution that's easy to install.

                    Diferentiation factors
                    • Andover onSiTE™, the small building control solution from TAC, puts sophisticated control into a low-cost, easy-to-install product.
                    • The solution is designed to keep occupants comfortable and property owners profitable.

                    Solution architecture

                    Solution architecture

                    Main Energy Efficiency characteristics

                    • Greater occupant comfort, which studies say leads directly to increased sales and increased staff productivity
                    • Fewer maintenance calls due to improved HVAC equipment control and monitoring
                    • Reduced maintenance expenses, the direct result of effi cient control of heating and cooling stages
                    • Energy savings through easy-to-use thermostat setback scheduling and monitoring
                    • Lower utility bills because lighting control is on a sunrise and sunset schedule
                    • Convenient access to site control over corporate networks, the Internet, or via dial-up
                    • Reports of energy use trends
                    • Energy costs passed on to offi ce tenants through power metering and billing.

                    Solution breakdown

                    Main services:
                    • Engineering services: Services
                    Main products & systems: