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Energy Efficiency

                    Simple metering solution for basic energy measurement




                    Value proposition

                    Main drivers
                    • It is the simplest starting point for users to start to understand their consumption.¬†Once consumption is known then the most relevant areas for improving energy usage can be identified and other energy efficiency measures can be started.

                    Solution in brief
                    • This IEC solution is the most basic for energy measurement. Very simple meters are installed on relevant loads and users read the information from the display.

                    Value proposition
                    • After installing these simple meters, energy consumption can be tracked. Energy savings can be realized if you detect a source of over consumption in the installation .
                    • You can also identify, sector by sector, which is the largest consumer of energy.

                    Differentiation factors

                    • The installation is very easy . You just need some basics meters to be able to begin tracking your electricity consumption.

                    Solution architecture

                    Solution architecture

                    Solution breakdown

                    • Main Products & Systems
                      _ Protection circuit breaker: Multi 9 C60
                      _ Instrumentation: meters ME4zrt, ME3zrt, ME1zrt, AMP, and VLT...
                      _ Current transformers: TI