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Energy Efficiency

                    Power factor correction




                    Value proposition

                    Solution in brief
                    • A Power Factor Correction bank installed close to the load is intended to optimize the Power Factor at the considered network point, and the flow of reactive power.
                    • Besides, the installation of a capacitor bank has a fast pay-back thanks to the saving on your electrical invoice.

                    Value proposition
                    • Reduce your operating expenses up to 10%
                      - Reduce the energy bill if penalties or bonus are applied
                      - Save energy thanks to the reduction of the losses
                    • Reduce your capital expenses up to 30%
                      - Optimize the size of your installation
                      - Increase the power availability
                      - Reduce the size of transformers, cables and switchgear equipments
                    • Use environment friendly solutions
                      - Contribute to the reduction of CO2 emission thanks to lower energy consumption up to 3%

                    Differentiation factors
                    • Improve your business performance
                      - Increase the life-time and reliability of electrical devices
                      - Reduce the voltage drops
                      - Reduce the level of harmonics

                    Solution architecture

                    Solution architecture


                    1. HV capacitor skid for transmission network
                    2. MV capacitor for distribution network
                    3. MV capacitor Bank
                    4. LV automatic capacitor bank
                    5. LV fixed capacitor bank
                    6. MV capacitor

                    Key downloads


                    Solution breakdown

                    Main services:
                    • Engineering services: Services
                    Main products & systems:
                    • Capacitors: VarplusĀ²
                    • MV capacitors: Propivar
                    • MV capacitor banks: CP2xx
                    • LV capacitor banks with de-tuned filters: Varset
                    • LV capacitor banks with de-tuned filters: Reactivar