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Energy Efficiency

                    Manage water heating in public buildings




                    Value proposition

                    Main drivers

                    • To increase user comfort
                    • To make energy savings by controlling water heating in public buildings.


                    Value proposition

                    • Automation ensures up to 10% energy saving by automatically extinguishing water heating when it is not necessary.
                    • Easy modification of time switch program for special events and vacation avoids useless energy spending .


                    Differentiation factors

                    • In public buildings, hot water tanks may be controlled by the combination of an IHP 1c programmable time switch and a CT contactor, equipped with an ACTc auxiliary contact.

                    Solution architecture

                    Solution architecture

                    Main Energy Efficiency characteristics

                    Different types of operations are available:

                    • Normal operation:

                      the IHP 1c programmable time switch controls water heating.

                    • Exceptional override operation:

                      water heating may be started up by the user outside the programmed times, by pressing on the pushbutton.

                    • Return to normal operation:

                      since the last order received has priority, normal switching takes over again at the time of the next switching operation of the IHP 1c.


                    Solution breakdown

                    Main products and systems
                    • Programmable time switch: IHP 1C
                    • MCB 2 poles: C60N
                    • CT auxiliary contactor: ACTc
                    • Contactor with manual operation: CT
                    • Auxiliary contact for CT contactor: ACTo+f
                    • Red indicator light: H1