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Energy Efficiency

                    Injection press optimization through hydraulic clear mode solution




                    Value proposition

                    Main drivers
                    • The Energy Efficiency is based on the time left to the motor to run at low speed, called Hydraulic clear mode.
                    • During a production cycle, the motor is loaded less than 50% of the time. The energy saving will come from when the motor is not loaded (time of plastic cooling). When the motor is not loaded, is running at low speed (20Hz). 

                    Value proposition
                    • Profit from significant energy savings going up to 45%, by using the law of energy saving integrated into Schneider Electric variable speed drives.

                    Differentiation factors
                    • The Altivar 61 variable speed drive integrates a law of vectorial order controls which adjusts the magnetizing current according to the torque.
                    • The self-adaptation of the magnetizing current makes possible to get significant energy saving while profiting from the advantages of the vectorial control (optimization of the torque, compensation of slip)
                    • This law applies preferably to the loads with variable torque not requiring any particular dynamic performance (pumps and ventilation).

                    Example, 55kW-motor current:
                    40A current of idle run without variable speed drive
                    17A current of idle run with variable speed drive and the law of active energy saving

                    Solution architecture

                    Solution architecture

                    Solution breakdown

                    Main products & systems:
                    • Smart relays: Zelio Logic
                    • Drives for pumps and fans 0,75 > 630 kW: Altivar 61
                      _ Pressure Sensor