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Energy Efficiency

                    Harmonic filtering


                    Value proposition

                    Main drivers

                    • Certain equipment such as drives, inverters, UPS, arc furnaces, transformers, filters and discharge lamps generate harmonics. The harmonics strain the network. Voltage distortion overload cables, cause failures of relays and circuit breakers and disturb many types of equipment such as computers, telephones etc...

                    Solution in brief
                    • Implemented by experienced specialists, the harmonic filtering solutions eliminate most of the power quality problems.

                    Value proposition
                    • Optimize the sizing and the life duration of your electrical equipment
                      - Reduce to a minimum the warming up of electrical equipment
                      - In crease the service life of equipment up to 32% for single-phase machines, up to 18% for three-phase machines, and up to 5% for transformers. (Canadian Electrical Association - Harmonics distortion in the 10% range)
                    • Improve the continuity of your production processes
                      - Eliminate the production machinery stopping risk
                    • Increase the availability of your electrical utilities in factories and buildings
                      - Eliminate the strongly negative impacts of harmonics on all electronic devices: computers, telephones etc.
                    • Improve your compliance with electrical utilities requirements
                      - Anticipate the increasingly severe expectations and standards: implement durable development solutions

                    Differentiation factors
                    - Experienced specialists support you to define and deploy the most relevant solutions.

                    Solution architecture

                    Solution architecture

                    Main Energy Efficiency characteristics

                    • Harmonic filtering systems limit voltage fluctuation, improve operating conditions and efficiency, reduce the electrical energy invoice and allow optimization of the network.

                    • The harmonic level of a specific system can be controlled below a specified level using different approaches:
                      - a power factor correction bank fitted with a de-tuned reactor will master power factor correction & reduce the harmonic level
                      - passive filters with blocking reactors will master specific ranks of harmonics
                      - an active filter will master the harmonic level

                    Key downloads


                    Solution breakdown

                    Main services:
                    • Engineering services: Services
                    Main products & systems:
                    • HV/MV passive filters: HV/MV passive filters
                    • LV capacitor banks with de-tuned filters: Varset
                    • LV passive filters: Varset
                    • LV active filters: Accusine
                    • LV active filters: Sinewave
                    • LV hybrid filter: association combinating active and passive filters: Association combinating active and passive filters
                    • HV/MV capacitor banks with de-tuned filters: CP2xx
                    • LV capacitor banks with de-tuned filters: Reactivar