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Energy Efficiency

                    Automate public lighting according to sunrise and sunset




                    Value proposition

                    Main drivers
                    • Increase the reliability of public lighting operation while limiting energy consumption.

                    Solution in brief
                    • Light sensitive switches to automatically control light intensity.

                    Value proposition
                    • An astronomic programmable light sensitive switch allowing automatic switch-on and switch off of lighting according to sunrise and sunset time.
                    • Up to 30% energy saving by automatically extinguishing lighting when it is not necessary.

                    Differentiation factors
                    • Automatic change between summer and winter time
                    • Manual override of temporary or permanent on and OFF status is possible.
                    • Absence of a brightness detector increases operation reliability and allows easier installation and maintenance.

                    Solution architecture

                    Solution architecture

                    Solution breakdown

                    Main products & systems:
                    • Modular circuit-breakers up to 63A: C60
                    • Modular contactors: CT
                    • Light sensitive switch: IC Astro Light