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Energy Efficiency

                    Energy Efficiency Q&A

                    Set 2

                    Energy Efficiency Q&A

                    In the second part of our Energy Efficiency Q&A, we’re going to take a closer look at Schneider Electric’s recommended first step to energy efficiency – measure.

                    Why measure?

                    Everyone can do their bit to reduce climate change by making a few simple changes to their lifestyle.  However, at Schneider Electric, we believe it’s not just a case of homeowners or businesses installing energy saving and low carbon technologies.

                    What happens if customers don’t measure?

                    If an energy user does not first measure how much they consume then it’s difficult to implement effective changes.  The question of how ‘green’ can a home or business really be is determined by the suitability of the devices installed and the behavioural changes made.

                    How do I help a customer measure their energy consumption?

                    Firstly, measurement is not just about physical recordings. The most basic approach a customer can take is to carry out behavioural measurement – if they know a device has been switched off then it’s not using power.

                    The second step is to suggest customers take regular meter readings, which means they can keep track of their energy consumption and cut back if necessary.

                    What else can I do?

                    In addition, advise customers to analyse their bills comparing daytime and evening consumption.  It may highlight a few surprises – if there is high usage during the day when no-one is at home, it may be that unused electrical equipment such as TVs, computers and radios are left on standby.  Switching off or unplugging these devices can lead to significant savings.

                    Is there any technology that can be used?

                    Installing metering devices, which measure the amount of power consumed by an electrical circuit, will provide customers with more detailed information. Compact solutions such as Schneider Electric’s EN40 can be incorporated into consumer unitsdistribution boards and switch boards. For commercial customers, products such as the Compact NSX combines circuit protection and measurement functions into one device for a neat solution.

                    What’s next?

                    In the next installment, we’ll look at the second step to energy efficiency – fix the basics. Detailing the activities you can recommend to customers to help them start to make a difference.
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