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Energy Efficiency

                    Step 3: Automate

                    Innovation – Total control


                    Optimise, automate and regulate

                    Our automation systems offer seamless connectivity enabling you to control your building and process plant’s energy, using devices from your office PC or HMIs located around the site.

                    Energy Saving Lamps

                    The latest additions to the Building Regulations Part L demands that any new domestic lighting installations must include low energy lighting. Fluorescent and compact fluorescent lamps can offer energy savings of up to 80% over a conventional incandescent lamp. We already offer a 50,000 hour rated LED lamp which consumes only 1W in operation. Energy Saving Lamps

                    Clipsal C-Bus


                    C-Bus is our intelligent lighting control system designed to meet the needs of any modern commercial or industrial lighting scheme, with maximum energy efficiency, flexibility of installation, and future proofing. The system is fully programmable to minimise energy use by employing time schedule switching, occupancy switching, dynamic light level compensation and scene setting.

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                    Altivar Variable Speed Drives


                    In a conventional pumping or ventilation installation, the electric motor is directly supplied by the line supply and runs at its rated speed. With our Altivar VSD installed in line with the motor, there is no need for a mechanical damper and flow variation is achieved directly with our Altivar VSDs. Testing has proved that where an Altivar VSD is applied to centrifugal pumps, fans or rotary compressors, energy savings of up to 50% are regularly achieved, for a speed reduction of only 20%.

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                    Variable Speed Drives

                    Control & Command


                    A simple way to reduce electricity consumption is to use equipment or lighting more wisely. Manually switching equipment off is one way, however guesswork and human intervention can be replaced with simple control systems.

                    We offer a broad range of control and command products that facilitate automated switching of loads based upon your requirements. Our Control and Command range includes a variety of time switches, presence detectors, light sensitive switches, time delay relays, impulse relays and contactors.
                    Control and Command

                    Energy Efficient Lighting System


                    Our Lubio voltage regulation system can overcome issues of ever increasing energy costs for those responsible for supplying public lighting networks.

                    • They regulate the electricity flow in a controlled lighting network
                    • They are suitable for high and low pressure sodium, mercury, vapour, metal iodide and fluorescent lights
                    • Available in power ratings up to 18kVA single phase

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                    What’s next?
                    By continuously analysing energy consumption, you can make ongoing improvements. Go to Step 4: Monitor & Improve 

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                    To know more 

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                    Energy University

                    Energy University

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                    Energy Efficiency Consultancy

                    Energy Efficiency Consultancy

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                    PFC calculator

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                    Tackling Energy Event