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Energy Efficiency

                  Demand response


                  This can be a powerful tool in your overall energy management strategy. You can earn significant revenue while simultaneously reducing energy expenses through lower consumption. These strategies can help offset the rising costs of energy and improve your bottom line.

                  In addition, this can result in significant environmental benefits. By reducing the peak electric load on the grid, this helps reduce the need for more power plants, lowering carbon dioxide and other emissions. You can also reduce their own consumption of electricity and associated carbon emissions.

                  We are committed to finding the programme that best suits your objectives. Demand response opportunities include:

                  • Capacity
                    You simply sign up in advance to be available to curtail your energy usage when electricity demand exceeds supply in your region. You will typically earn revenue on a monthly basis or quarterly, regardless of whether or not you are called upon to curtail your energy usage. 
                  • Price response
                    You voluntarily curtail your energy usage after receiving notification by the grid operator that wholesale energy prices have exceeded their bid threshold.

                  The availability of demand response programs depends on your location. In many regions, a business may enrol in more than one program, thereby increasing their revenue potential.

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                  What’s next? After fixing the basics, it’s time to automate to really deliver energy savings. Go to Step 3: Automate.
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                  To know more 

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                  Energy Efficiency Consultancy

                  Energy Efficiency Consultancy