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Energy Efficiency

                  Refrigeration Control

                  Pains & drivers

                  Refrigeration is a big market worldwide:
                  • Annual investment in refrigerating equipment: US$170 billion
                  • Annual refrigerated foodstuffs: US$1200 billion (3.5 times USA military budget)
                  • 300 000 000 m3 of cold-storage facilities

                  And causes big problems
                  • Ozone-depleting effects - Montreal protocol
                  • Global-warming effects - Kyoto agreement

                  How can a customer manage energy more efficiently?

                  • Intelligent (or energy efficient) Refrigeration Control systems have an intelligent controller that optimises compressor and fan schedules to provide both improved temperature control and operation
                  Schneider Electric Solutions
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                  Altivar 61


                  W@de W320i, Magelis XBT-N, TeSys U, Altistart 48, Multi 9


                  W@de 320e, Magelis XBT-G, Vijeo Citect, Altivar 61


                  Altivar 61, Magelis, Vijeo


                  W@de RTU, Magelis XBT-N, Altivar 61, Multi 9


                  Modicon M340, Advantys STB, FactoryCast, ConneXium, Altivar 61


                  PowerLogic, Compact NS, Altivar 61


                  Modicon Premium, Advantys STB, Magelis XBT, Vijeo, Altivar 61, TeSys U


                  Modicon Quantum, PowerLogic PM650, Altivar 61, Altistart 48, TeSys LT6


                  Altivar 61, Tesys U