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Energy Efficiency

                  Industrial Applications Control

                  Pains & drivers

                  Pains & drivers

                  Most common industrial applications:
                  - Compressed air
                  - Furnace control
                  - Injection press control
                  - Chillers

                  How can a customer manage energy more efficiently?

                  Several strategies can be used to reduce energy consumption of these typical industrial applications:

                  • Improving the way the applications are controlled. Making it more "intelligent"¬†you better match the way and time they are running, with the concrete needs of the processes involved

                  • Recovering and reusing "wasted" heat

                  • Improving maintenance program to ensure an efficient functioning of critical equipments
                  Schneider Electric Solutions
                  Schneider Electric Solutions

                  Altivar 61, software...

                  Twido, Altivar 61

                  Modicon Quantum PLC, Sensors, dedicated software

                  Altivar 61, Pressure Sensors, Zelio Logic