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Energy Efficiency

                  HVAC Control

                  Pains & drivers

                  Pains & drivers
                  HVAC Control applications include products, systems and services aimed at controlling HVAC equipment in order to:
                  • Provide required environmental conditions (temperature, air displacement speed, moisture, CO², etc) for occupant's comfort and building efficiency
                  • Minimise energy consumption
                  • Reduce other costs, such as operation, maintenance and repair costs

                  How can a customer manage energy more efficiently?

                  • HVAC can represent up to 70% of energy consumption depending on segments
                  • Different methods can be combined to save energy costs for HVAC in a range of 15% to 30%:
                    - Program temperature set point according to occupancy
                    - Adapt heating or cooling production power according to real building needs
                    - Raise temperature to comfort level when occupant presence is detected
                    - Adapt ventilation flow according to occupancy or internal air pollution level
                    - Recover heating or cooling energy from extracted air

                  Solutions or architectures used in the application

                  • Stand-alone control products are used for local or central control (time switches, thermostats, clock-thermostats, stand-alone controllers)
                  • HVAC control systems permanently provide each area with optimised environmental conditions
                  • Building Automation Control Systems control HVAC among various functions, such as lighting control, blind control, or security
                  • Energy services enable systems to secure year-round maximum savings and high comfort level for occupants. Energy services can include:
                    - Engineering services
                    - Commissioning
                    - Maintenance
                    - Energy reporting
                    - Monitoring & Targeting
                  Schneider Electric Solutions
                  Schneider Electric SolutionsEase of installationEase of usePotential savingsSolution flexibility

                  IHP 1C, C60N, ACTc, CT, ACTo+f, H1


                  Multi 9 and Ultra Terminal wiring devices


                  Altivar 21




                  Altivar 21, Twido, TeSys...



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                  To know more 

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                  Interested in saving up to 50% of your energy

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