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Energy Efficiency

                  Energy usage analysis

                  Pains & drivers

                  Energy usage analysis provides users with the means to understand their energy consumption based on historical data, usage trends and benchmarks.

                  Organisations that lack access to this type of data may miss the most relevant areas for improving energy usage.  Energy measures that are taken may not be effective, or may be effective at first but decline over time. Significant errors in utility bills can be overlooked.  Without clear data, accountability for energy used tends to be poor, and behaviour may run counter to the organisation's interests.


                  How can a customer manage energy more efficiently?

                  Strategies and actions for energy usage analysis run from the simple to the sophisticated:

                  • Basic energy measurement for all relevant utilities (Water, Air, Gas, Electricity, Steam, Emissions) will allow you to identify the most relevant areas for improving energy usage and verify the effective impact of energy measures

                  • Use of analytical software to perform comparative calculations and show trends further enhances your ability to identify savings areas and assess results of actions

                  • Cost allocation reports allow you to verify utility billing accuracy and drive accountability in every level of your organisation. By providing ownership of electricity costs to the appropriate level in an organisation, you encourage users to manage energy wisely, which results in lower overall energy costs
                  • Sub-billing allows the owner of a building or facility to charge or invoice each internal user for their effective electricity consumption, thus giving them ownership of their electricity costs and motivation to use energy wisely.  Owners can also maximise the value of electrical and related assets used to supply tenants and ensure the cost of providing those services is returned. A building owner can reduce the overall energy usage for a building by 8 - 10% by holding each tenant accountable for their energy costs
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