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Schneider Electric’s experience of infrastructure expands outside the rail industry, so we can use our knowledge to provide innovative technologies for every Signalling power project, providing a low cost and low risk path for new innovations for both overground and underground applications.

Applications and example ranges

Electrical Distribution Low voltage switchboards, circuit breakers & protection designed to operate individually or together as part of a system. Ranges include: Okken, Prisma, NSX, Masterpact, Safepact, Varplus, Varset and Sinewave.
Principal & functional supply points Compact Principal Supply Points & Functional supply points for the provision of signalling supplies.
Automatic supply restoration Intended for use in railway signal applications, the Automatic Supply Restoration system will automatically restore power to signalling equipment, reducing delays, outages and minimising impact on customers.
Cable management & structural applications Composite and steel cable management systems including: Canalis, Performa and Wibe.
Critical Power Wide range of power protection systems including UPS, rectifiers and static transfer switches.
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Solutions for Rail

Solutions for Rail


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