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                        Shore connection white papers


                        White paper: Shore Connection applications, Main challenges

                        Shore Connection applications, Main challenges, 2013 

                        36-pages white paper (2,8 MB) written by our experts D. Radu , R.Jeannot, M.Megdiche, JP Sorrel describing:

                        • Impact of shipping pollution in ports
                        • The environmental benefits of shore connection
                        • Shore connection standard and architectures
                        • Technical challenges during engineering, installation and operation phases.

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                        White paper: Shore Connection technology 

                        Shore Connection technology, Environmental benefits and best practices 2012

                        24-pages white paper (2,8 MB) written by our experts Daniel Radu and Lorène Grandidier, describing:

                        • The air pollution problematic in ports and in coastal areas, and its impacts on human health, on environment, and on the climate,
                        • The regulatory framework in the different regions,
                        • The ship-to-shore connection technology as the most cost-effective solution,
                        • The international standards for shore connection systems design and construction,
                        • The shore connection system architectures

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                        To know more 

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