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                        Shipping accounts for 90% of the World’s commercial goods transport. However this comes at a heavy cost to the environment, particularly when these ships dock in our ports. Noise, vibration and CO2, NOX, SOX and particulate emissions have a massive impact on the local and global environment. As a result of regulations such as MARPOL VI from the International Maritime Organization and even more stringent regulations from the EU, mean that ports and ship owners need to take action now.


                        The answer is to connect these ships into clean, cost-efficient, shoreside-generated electricity.  When on board diesel generators are turned off, everyone shares the benefits-


                        > Port

                        • The local environment is improved when noise and vibration are virtually eliminated. CO2, NOX, SOX and particulate emissions are substantially reduced ensuring regulations are met.
                        • Offering a shore connections could attract new business as ship owners send their vessels to ports that lower their costs.
                        • New business opportunities created by selling electricity to ships.
                        • Payback period as low as 4 years.

                        > Ship owners

                        • Typically save around 25% by using shore based power compared to using diesel to generate electricity, a cruise ship for example could save £345,000 per year.  This saving is also likely to improve further as diesel prices increase and regulation forces the use of higher quality fuels.
                        • Lower maintenance costs as diesel generators are used less. 
                        • Quieter, less polluted environment for personnel.
                        • Payback period as low as 3 years.

                        > Watch our 3-minutes shore connection video


                        > ShoreBox

                        • ShoreBox is designed to reduce investment, lead time and operational costs of both ports and ships. It consists of a range of standard components and has been tested, validated and documented to guarantee system reliability.
                        • The ShoreBox solution is adaptable to the different power needs and electrical frequencies of the ships and to a variety of port infrastructures.  Its flexibility means you only need buy the capacity you need, if you need more just add another ShoreBox or it is needed elsewhere in the port, pick it up and move it.
                        • The system tracks and reports all data in real time, giving ports and ships visibility into energy-source selection, forecasts, simulation, metering and billing.
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